Site Administration

Christiane Fröhlich

GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Research interests
Human Mobility in the context of political and/or environmental crises; the North-South divide and its role for human mobility; resource scarcity and violent conflict; post-/decolonial approaches to peace and conflict studies

Delf Rothe

Institute for Peace Research and Security Policy at the University of Hamburg

Research interests
Critical Security Studies; climate change and security; climate-induced migration; risk and resilience; satellite remote sensing; visual representations of climate change


Ethemcan Turhan

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Research interests
Climate change policy; climate change adaptation; ecological conflicts; environmental movements; energy democracy; climate-induced migration


David Chandler

University of Westminster

Research interests
Resilience; the governance of complexity; international policy intervention; Big Data; ontopolitics of the Anthropocene; posthumanism; affirmation and critique

Andrew Baldwin

Durham University

Research interests
Intersections of race, nature and geography; discourses and practices of climate change and migration; critical race theory; postcolonial theory


Jon Barnett

The University of Melbourne

Research interests
Small Islands; sustainable development; security; climate change; vulnerability and adaptation; water resources; coasts

Andrea Balbo

Platform Anthropocene Inc.

Research interests
human-environment interactions; social-ecological systems; human impacts; long-term perspectives (archaeological and historical periods); technological innovations; adaptation; mitigation; resilience; sustainable development; climate change in climate-sensitive regions; modelling and computer simulation

Julian Reid

Lapin Yliopisto University of Lapland

Research interests
Biopolitics; cultural theory; postcolonial and post-structural thought; critique of liberalism; resilience; indigenous politics in the Anthropocene

Stefanie Fishel

University of the Sunshine Coast

Research interests
International Relations; gendered and racialized experiences of violence; theories of biopolitics and posthumanism; critical animal studies; global environmental theory; political ecology


Thomas Nail

University of Denver

Research interests
The philosophy of movement, political theory; migration studies; border studies; the ontology of motion; new materialism; post-Marxism; post-humanism; environmental philosophy

Giovanni Bettini

Lancaster University

Research interests
Politics of climate change and environmental discourse; climate change and migration; risk and resilience; political theory; migration and border studies

Eva Lövbrand

Linköping University

Research interests
Global environmental politics and governance; Anthropocene politics; knowledge politics; knowledge practices

Mimi Sheller

Drexel University, College of Arts and Sciences

Research interests
Mobilities research; sustainable mobility and mobility justice; Caribbean Studies; urban theory; socio-technical transitions and climate change

Stephanie Wakefield

The New School, New York City

Research interests
Anthropocene; urban climate resilience and adaptation; urban ecology; Crisis and Disaster Studies; Science and Technology Studies; political theory; cities and urban processes

Silke Beck

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research, Leipzig

Research interests
Anticipation; gobal environmental politics; science and public policy; governance of science; comparative policy analysis; Science and Technology Studies; geoengineerings

Silja Klepp

Kiel University

Research interests
Human-environment relations; climate change migration and adaptation; migration and refugees; border regimes; postcolonial perspectives

Matt McDonald

The University of Queensland

Research interests
International Relations theory; Critical Security Studies, environmental change; foreign and security policy; climate change politics; security dynamics


Scott Hamilton

Balsillie School of International Affairs, Waterloo, Ontario

Research interests
Climate change; Critical Security Studies; environmental governance; global environment; global social governance; political philosophy and theory; science technology and policy

Lisa Sun-Hee Park

University of California, Santa Barbara

Research interests
Asian American Studies; immigration and welfare policy; race, class, and gender; urban theory; feminist theory and methods; environmental justice


Samid Suliman

Griffith University, Queensland Australia

Research interests
Migration; mobility; climate change; development; globalisation; security; politics; international relations; political theory; epistemology

Ruba Salih

SOAS University of London

Research interests
Gender, Islam and modernity; Islamic feminism, secular and religious women’s movements; transnational migration and gender; diaspora and refugee studies


Carol Farbotko

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

Research interests
Social and Cultural Geography; Environmental Studies; social impacts of climate change and variability; the media; cultural understanding; climate change adaptation measures; indigenous mobilities; transformative mobilities

Ingrid Boas

Wageningen University

Research interests
Environmental change; mobilities and governance; environmental and climate change migration; information and communication technologies in climate governance

Garnet Kindervater

Dartmouth College

Research interests
Politics of catastrophe; modern and contemporary political thought; Critical Security Studies; global environmental politics and security; Political Geography and Geopolitics; critical theory

Jairus Grove

University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Research interests
The ecology of warfare; cybernetics; complexity theory; Geopolitics; extinction; geoengineering; critical security

Karen McNamara

The University of Queensland, Australia

Research interests
Anthropology; Social and Cultural Geography; Climate change adaptation; climate-induced human mobility; Pacific Islands region

Kyle Powys Whyte

Michigan State University

Research interests
Climate and environmental justice; Indigenous Environmental Studies; indigenous food sovereignty; indigenous critiques of the Anthropocene